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The four Swiss watch "expression"

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The Swiss watch industry world-class reputation largely from its stable quality and reliable performance, generation after generation BiaoJiang with wisdom and sweat to win the honor.The Swiss watch industry are of the utmost importance of brand and the use of the mark of origin, make the brand effect and "Swiss made" appeal complement each other, provide consumers with the best quality assurance.

However, mark "Made in Switzerland" while add luster for the Swiss watch industry, but also hard to avoid trouble, "Swiss Made" to become the world clock and watch industry stolen one of the most marks.Counterfeit products cause serious damage to the Swiss watch industry, not only affect the product sales, and damage the whole image of the Swiss watch.It is estimated that the loss of 800 million Swiss francs a year.

Swiss movement: according to the regulations on the table class "Swiss" logo use clause 2, the Swiss movement is defined as: machine core assembly in Switzerland is complete;Movement at the end of the test done in Switzerland;In addition to the cost of assembly, movement in Switzerland original price at least by more than 50% of all the original price.If the movement is Swiss made, and the whole table is not assembled in Switzerland, the "Swiss" logo only appeared on the movement of a component.Table of appearance Only allowed to use the "Swiss movement" (" mouvement suisse "or" Swiss movement ").The table class "Swiss" logo use ordinance of clause 3, the word "movement" must be entered completely in the spelling and cannot use abbreviation, and must be used with the word "Switzerland" in front of the same font, size, and color.

"Swiss Quartz" (" Swiss Quartz ") logo: only the Swiss origin table can only use this flag, the other using a Swiss Quartz movement of the Swiss watch is the right to use.

Original "Swiss" (" Swiss parts ") logo: when watch movement using the original assembly in a foreign country for the Swiss completion can use this logo.But it will only appear on the movement, under any circumstances can not be used for external table.

The table class "Swiss" logo use regulations since 1992 after the implementation, in maintaining the reputation and image of the Swiss watch has played an important role.But recently, the use of "Swiss made" mark standard problem is put forward again, and become a focus of the Swiss watch industry.

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