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The Swiss watch around five hundred

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Switzerland is one of the world no one answers "clocks kingdom", but few people know, five hundred years ago, clocks and watches of Switzerland is import.

The French flowering The Swiss results

Religious reform movement after the outbreak of the 16th century, Europe, France a lot of to follow Calvin protestant christians to escape persecution, exile in Switzerland.Most of them are special skills of clock and watch industry workers and other hand.Watch the workers in the north to south from Geneva, Basel line, formed the Switzerland, still remain the "the manufacture of watches with", of which the Jura mountains RuGu to clock distribution enterprise the most densely populated places.

Initially, Swiss production is mainly to show the host identity and status of the decorative pocket watch.Europe's industrial revolution promoted the development of the Swiss watch industry, the Swiss watchmaker, ongoing technological innovation, gradually improve mechanization and automation level, the original family firms also slowly to the large-scale development.In the nineteenth century, the Swiss watch production has accounted for two-thirds of the total world output.

When it comes to the Swiss watch industry history, can not fail to mention a person, he was Mr. Cover sheet, Abraham Louis bray, founder of the cover.One man in 1775 to create the first piece of Mr. Table, a famous.His life with countless inventions, such as clock "balancer" -- Mr. Cover balance spring balance wheel, balanced escapement device, the tourbillon automatic chain device, etc.Modern clocks and watches more than 80% of the theory and technology are all from his original design.As a result, some say Mr. Cover for the "Da Vinci" watch industry.

At that time, the nobility of European countries as art collection to mine collection cover sheet.France's king Louis xvi's wife, Marie Antoinette for Mr. Cover sheet, she has pleaded with Mr. Cover face to face said: "no matter how expensive price, no matter how long time, give me a piece of production is the most beautiful in the world, the most complex bray table."Later, the French revolution broke out, did not wait for the watch is complete, she was on the guillotine, with regret to leave the room.

The Swiss later invented the clock (date) (month) (year) change "calendar".The early twentieth century, they also produced the world's first piece of "watch".They will start according to the customer's requirements, timer, timer, calendar, and a variety of functions such as automatic winding organically unifies in together.The superior performance of "Swiss made watches and clocks" so famous in the world.

Conventional risk loss "ting"

Though the Swiss first developed a quartz watch and ultrathin liquid crystal display (LCD), but because they stick to the tradition of mechanical watch, not timely to the development of new technology for large-scale market, made big mistakes.Japan in the 1970 s, a large number of development and production of low cost, fashionable appearance and changeful electronic quartz watches.Electronic quartz watches without wound, but accurate as well.Soon, the Japanese production of electronic quartz watch has become the world's first, to the Swiss watch industry to hit.The Swiss watch industry employment from 90000 to 30000 and the unemployed spurt.RuGu Jura mountains in 1970 had 1970 clock manufacturer, but by 1980, only less than a third.In the early eighty s, the Swiss watch industry from these mistakes and are determined to industry consolidation, to launch the world swatch quartz plastic fashion.From then on, the Swiss watch industry ushered in the spring a development.

Rally Create brilliant

Here, have to mention another person, he is from the realm of swatch table started to create a watch, the sea.Who is now a Swiss SMH group's chairman, has 18 watches company and under 150 clock related enterprises.He has a habit, it is a day in four different styles of watches.His motto is: "watch wearing comfortable uncomfortable, performance is good, don't wear will not know in person."Starting from the sea, and the Swiss watch gave up the pursuit of precision, high quality, handmade, start mass production of cheap watches, watch case and strap are plastic raw materials.In the European tradition of the culture, the change at that time It should be said that is very risky.But then, swatch table, the success in the market is popular with young people all over the world.

Hay used some swatch table successful sales accumulated capital, began to buy watches company step by step, and gradually formed its own successful business strategy.He push each brand all over the world from the pin mode, when poor high-grade table sales, use of low-grade table to ensure that the sales turnover;On the contrary, the low table sales not free, and with high-grade table to compensate for the sales turnover.At present, include SMH group watch brand of high-grade mine of lid, bao Po, omega, radar, longines and low-grade swatch, became the world watch industry giant.

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